Monday, April 29, 2013

Beatrice Mary Juliana Markus- A Life of True Devotion

One thing that I have definitely learned about my paternal grandmother was her strength of character. She was a very devout Catholic and I can remember her going to mass most mornings.... not just Sunday. Her strong faith carried her through some very difficult times. Can you imagine losing your husband and father in the same month? June of 1935 had to be an absolutely dismal period. Her husband, Carl, died on the eighth of June and  her father, William Markus, was lost on the twenty-ninth. And the two families were living in the same residence at 1615 Broadway with seven children ranging in ages 17 years to 17 months. Later, in the early 1940s, I am certain that she called upon her faith again as she had four sons serving in the military during World War II. She also had a brother, Norbert, who served in World War I and was badly wounded during that conflict. 
St. Mary's Hospital

Beatrice would eventually take a job in 1947 as nurse’s aide at St. Mary’s Hospital which was located just a few blocks from her home. She worked there for 14 years and was there when I was born at that same hospital in 1948. Not only was she a caregiver at the hospital, she also took care of her mother, Mary Anna Husam Markus, at home. I can remember visiting Great Grandma Markus in the upstairs front bedroom whenever I was in Quincy. She was nearly blind as I recall. I didn’t get to Quincy often and I would have just turned 9 when she passed away; so, I , unfortunately, don’t remember much about her.
She had five siblings: two sisters and three brothers. One sister,
Alvina, and one brother, Lawrence “Laurel”, died very young. Arthur was an older brother and Norbert was a younger brother. She had a younger sister, Virginia. It seems to me that she was always referred to as “Aunt Jinky”. By the way, Arthur’s daughter, June Hoopes, did a lot of genealogical research including some trips to Germany. I have been able to use her research extensively in researching the Markus and Husam families. 

It appears to me that Beatrice and Carl had a pretty active social life in Quincy. I have several pictures of them with siblings and friends on outings in and around Quincy. She was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis (Catholic Church) and of the Catholic Ladies of Charity. I don’t know much about these groups but knowing Grandma, I am most certain she was a very active member. She was a very loving, giving person and she lived her faith throughout her life.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carl Joseph Schell

339 S. 4th St.
Carl Joseph Schell was born on October 21, 1891 in Quincy, Illinois. He was the fifth child of Reinold and Sophia Kolker Schell. I never really knew him; he died in 1935 about 13 years before I was born. I really don't remember Grandma talking about him; how I wished I had asked her about him.  My dad would have been only 9 years old when his dad died. And Carl died quite young being only 43 at the time of his death. During much of his youth, the family had lived at 339 S. 4th St. The house is no longer there but a picture of the house survives. He graduated from Quincy High School in 1911. He was employed as a salesman for the Kohl Grocery Co. for 18 years (1917-1935). We found a picture of the Kohl staff taken in front of the store. Carl was in the picture along with his sister, Coletta, and a young Jim Schell, his first son. The picture is located in the Illinois Room of the Quincy Public Library. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus and the St. Joseph Young Men’s Society of St. Boniface Church. 

Carl and Beatrice-Wedding
Carl married Beatrice Mary Julianna Markus on June 21, 1916 at St. Francis Catholic Church. They made their home at 1615 Broadway. I had previously mentioned that home in an earlier post; all of us who remembered being at that house have fond memories of it. They would eventually have 7 children.... six of them being boys! That house must have been pretty lively! And remember, Grandma raised them pretty much by herself. The oldest son would have been only about 18 years old when their dad died. That's quite an accomplishment for a single parent...... during
1615 Broadway
the Great Depression!