Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome to My World!

      I should say, "Welcome to my obsession!" I have been at this genealogy thing long enough now that it is time to start sharing some of my "finds". Besides sharing with family, I also hope that there may be others out there who are researching some of the same lines and will want to do some collaboration. I find that this is one of the most fascinating aspects of family research- you never know what you will find! It's like traveling down a river without a map; you never know what's around the next bend! 
    What I hope to share are some of the interesting stories about our ancestors and, hopefully, let you in on how I found these things There are some events that are going to be based on my best guesses at this point. Either the documentation is not available OR it has not been located. I will always try to remember to tell you when that is the case. This leads me to another hope- someone else out there in the blogosphere may have either new documentation or a different take on things.  If you come to different conclusions about something I have posted, please, let me know. You know what they say - two heads (or in this case, many) are better than one. You may "see" something that I don't! 
     This blog is called "The Schell Seekers", but understand that this is about my paternal line. So other family names will be included. The lines that will be covered are: Schell, Markus, Husam, Kolker, Jacobskoetter, Zwick, Scheiner, Mertz (not Ethel!), Schaut, Scheid, and Sanders. There are a few other obscure names that I am not including at this time.  I am not certain how often I will be posting new material. I would hope it could be a couple times per month - but no promises at this point. Also, I will be doing a different blog on my maternal side, as of now unnamed. So, either make a comment on this blog or send me an email (my email address is in the 'About Me' section. Look for the first posting soon. I'll be telling you how I got into this "magnificent obsession"!


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