Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time to Change Gears!

Up to now, I have dealt with mostly parents and grandparents who I knew more about. Now, it’s time to start delving into the lesser-known ancestors who were farther back in time. Even though this blog is called “Schell Seekers”, I will be telling you about other families in the paternal line including Markus, Husam, Kolker, Jacobskoetter, Scheiner, and maybe a few others as I find more about them. All of these other families are important “pieces” to the genealogical puzzle. There are some great stories here including a Civil War soldier, an immigrant who nearly died off the Jersey shore, an encounter with Washington Irving, and a soldier serving Napoleon. And remember, if that ancestor had died on the Jersey shore or if that Civil War soldier had not made it home, I wouldn’t be writing this and, if you are a member of the family, you wouldn’t be around either! These “little” twists of fate are so interesting! Enjoy the upcoming blogs about these people from our past; they deserve to be remembered!

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