Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Special Tribute

I want to conclude this Veterans Day project on the paternal side with honoring a person who very quietly lived through the World War II era, but had to have had a lot of worry. That person is Beatrice Markus Schell, the mother of Jim, Charles, Richard, and William. All four of her sons were involved in the war, although in different areas. She had to have great concern for the three that were in harms way in the Aleutians, in Europe, and at sea. Keep in mind that this is a woman who had lost both her husband and father in June of 1935, just a few years before her sons were involved in the war. She had three young children at home to take care of plus her mother, Mary Husam Markus. I can’t imagine the worry she must have had. She knew of war and the possibility of injury or even death because she was about twenty-five when her brother, Norbert, was injured in World War I. Her son, Charles, was injured in France in 1944. She persevered through these difficult times and that was due, in a large part, to her deep Catholic faith.
I believe this photo was taken around 1942. From left to right in the front are Mark, William, Beatrice, Charles, Carl, and Martha. Standing in the back are James and Richard. This is probably one of my most treasured photos.

This concludes the series of paternal ancestors who served this country in the military. I'm certain there are others; they will come to light as the research proceeds. Hopefully, next Veterans Day there will be more to add to the list. Hope you have enjoyed reading about our martial forebearers! 

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  1. So glad to see this tribute to Grandma Schell. She has become such an inspiration to me as the years have gone by. Oh, to be able to talk to her today - wouldn't that be something, Steve.