Saturday, November 14, 2015

Richard P Schell

Richard Schell served in the US Navy from March 30, 1944 until August 22, 1946. He attained the rank of lieutenant, junior grade (JG). This is the rank between a lieutenant and an ensign. He was stationed in Boston during the war according to his daughter, Chris Decker and son, Mark Schell. What I can infer from the research I have found, which is very little so far, is that he was involved in engineering. I found his entry from the yearbook of the University of Illinois where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. This fits with the register (pictured below) that shows his classification as "E-VS". I found an explanation of that classification as "officers of the Volunteer Reserve appointed to the line for special service in engineering duties." I have no idea what those duties were at this time. This is the correct Richard Schell because his file number matches the number on a Veteran Burial Card that I found.
    Richard married Catherine Eleanor Sutkus in Boston on July 14, 1946. I was told that they had met at a USO club in Boston. 
    One funny story that Uncle Chuck told us concerned all four of the brothers when they were all home at the same time. Being the only officer, Richard was seated at an "officers" table for dinner by Chuck, Jim, and Bill! I can't imagine the Schell brothers doing that, can you? 

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